On Page SEO Tips – Part 2

    It’s time for the second part of our On Page SEO guide. Whether you are using it to rank here in Detroit or elsewhere does not matter. SEO is the same everywhere. Optimize your images for Google Image Search There is also a lot of potential in this area that you should not ignore. There are two possibilities here. Name the image files with your keywords. Your keywords definitely belong in the names of images. If you write an article on Detroit SEO, then name your image the same way. It should then be called detroit-seo.jpg. Google Image Search will then know how to associate your images based on the…

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    On Page SEO Tips – Part 1

    This article covers all the optimizations that an article that has been prepared for good ranking should have. Such content tells Google what the text is about and for which keywords it should appear in search results. I’ll show you the things you can do for a good ranking before you press the “Publish” button. A good text will: rank better reduce your bounce rate make sure that other posts are read by you as well because it contains some suitable links to other posts by you. The preparation for good SEO Before you can begin to optimize your articles, you should meet a number of requirements so that you…

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